Meet my buddy, Mr.Prosperity the Tumbler.

Meet my dear pretty cousin from KL.

Some say we look alike, even the hairstyle!

Sent some love to my valentine.

And meet my sister in law and aunt for some firework session!



Hello and happy Chinese New Year! I hope that your new year will be as brilliant as this,

As bright as this,

As sparkly as this,

As colorful as this,

And as beautiful as this!

I took these firework shots while my neighbor put all these up in the sky! Craziness but oozes of fun!

Last it's the compulsory family activity every new year, firework art! Only just one shot and the camera batt went flat. Though the snake I drew on the '2' looked more like a worm, it's the first and last shot for this year!

Happy new year everyone!



My big brother came home for New Year and he brought along a bunch of fun students for research study at the uni (but most of the time we ended up playing and sightseeing!)

We went to the zoo with beautiful lunar tree decorations,

Light gazing at the river city area at Marina Bay Sands,

Crazy 360 degrees Transformers Cyclone roller coaster ride,

Photobombed by Kungfu Panda,

Visiting the new pandas at the zoo,

And a surprise pizza party for my brother! 

7 pizzas and snacks! How crazy is that!

But everyone is so hungry it doesn't take long to reach the last piece on the dinner table,

Gobbling time! Just look at their facial expressions and food snatching poses make me love them all even more!



There are so many things to do in Legoland!

You can be a mini pilot,

Boat driver,

Get literally splashed and wet under the crazy afternoon sun, 

Tear your sneakers apart thanks to the long walking and soaking,

Crazy test drive coaster (even when the rain is coming!)

Choose your Lego character heads (or butter corns),

Taking pics with a tall friend,

And daddy or grandpa can just sleep at the benches,

And really really good photo timing!

I mean really really good!


Legoland Malaysia is very near to my parents' house in Johor Bahru, and finally we went there!

I made some new friends there! The orang utan and the puppeteer.

The snoring castle guard.

A colorful pop art dinosaur.

A hardcore camel.

A stubborn donkey.

Einstein the genius.

Lisa the new art student.

And being engulfed by Jaw!